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Latin script

( a script )

Type of script: Alphabet
Script category: Greek script family
Writing-direction: Left to right
Parent script: Etruscan script (show family tree)
Names: Latin script

This is the script you are reading right now, the script used for English, and by far the most widespread script in the world today. The rise of printing and later computing made Latin even more important.

Languages written with this script:


Name Source Type
McCune-Reischauer Korean Transcription
Pinyin Chinese language Transcription
The Buckwalter transliteration Arabic script Transliteration
Korean Yale romanization Hangul Transliteration
Slovio Cyrillic Transliteration
Revised Romanization of Korean Korean Transcription
BS 4280:1969(1983) Arabic script Transliteration
EAE Amharic script Transcription
DMG Arabic script Transliteration
ALA-LC Arabic romanization Arabic script Transliteration
Harvard-Kyoto Sanskrit Transcription
Wade-Giles Chinese language Transcription

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