Ontopia: The Topic Map Company


This is a budding collection of free but useful utilities for topic map developers. At the moment it only contains the LTM processor (see below), but you are encouraged to contribute to the collection. Feel free to send us both links to other free utilities as well as packages or source code that you would like us to publish here.

LTM processor

The LTM processor can read files in the Linear Topic Map notation and build topic map object structures from them, and also create topic maps in the XML exchange syntax.

The LTM processor is written in pure Python and runs in Python 1.5.2, Python 2.0 and JPython 1.1. It can use both tmproc and the Ontopia Topic Map engine to create structures and XML files. If used with tmproc it requires the Python XML-SIG package to be installed.

The processor can be run from the command-line to convert LTM files to the XML exchange format, but also has a useful API. You are encouraged to read the source code, which, thanks to the wonderful SPARK parser toolkit, is unusually readable.

In Python 2.0 and JPython 1.1 the processor has full Unicode support.

NB! Until such time as tmproc (on which it is based) is upgraded to support the XTM data model, the LTM processor will only support version 1.0 of the LTM specification. (Ontopia's topic map engine, on the other hand, does support LTM 1.1.)

Download LTM processor version 1.0

LTM Emacs mode

We have made a simple Emacs editing mode for LTM, which does basic font locking, and a little bit more. It is very basic, but does make editing LTM files a little more pleasant.

Download LTM mode