Ontopia: The Topic Map Company

Topic Map Thesis Topics

Every now and then Ontopia receives requests for possible thesis topics relating to Topic Maps, and instead of having to start thinking from scratch each time we've put together this list of possibilities. Feel free to use any idea on this list. If you have questions, please feel free to write to expert@ontopia.net.

  • Methods and/or frameworks upconversion from X to topic maps, where X can be anything (XML, HTML, email, Word documents, ...).
  • Natural language querying of topic maps (for example by converting natural language queries to tolog queries).
  • Extending the RDF Model Theory to cover Topic Maps represented in the Q model, perhaps even taking scope into account.
  • Fuzzy tolog
  • Distributed querying of topic maps
  • Remote access to topic map servers (lookup, query, modify, ...)
  • Graphical visualizations of topic maps (choice of metaphor, clustering, ...)
  • Graphical query editors
  • Graphical topic map editors
  • Integration of rule engines with topic maps (for example Jess)
  • Guidelines for the use of identifiers in a topic map (trust, reliability, ...)
  • Graphical modelling languages for topic maps
  • Published subjects: repositories & discovery of
  • Topic map wikis (and their use as a Knowledge Management tool)
  • Topic map blogs (and their use as a Knowledge Management tool)
  • Methodologies for converting taxonomies & thesauri to Topic Maps, and extending them into more powerful ontologies
  • TMs & KM, TMs & e-learning
  • Using TMs to annotate software (automate tasks, reasoning, ...)
  • Topic map updates (change sets, changes to subsets, ...)
  • Topic map diff detection
  • Topic map storage models, native topic map databases, ...
  • TMFS (topic map file system)
  • Personal information management with topic maps
  • Topic map-driven email client?
  • Topic map-driven brainstorming tool (a la MindManager etc)
  • Modelling guidelines for use of Topic Maps in information retrieval
  • Automated classification of content with topic maps

If this is not enough, you may find that the program for the TMRA'05 workshop can give you ideas for more Topic Maps research topics.