Ontopia: The Topic Map Company

Topic map sites

Topicmaps.Org is an independent consortium of parties interested in developing the applicability of the Topic Maps Paradigm[1] to the World Wide Web, by leveraging the XML family of specifications as required.

Topic maps at The XML Cover Pages
An extensive collection of topic map resources at Robin Cover's XML pages.

XML.com's topic map guide
A collection of topic map resources, from XML.com.

Pointers to topic map resources maintained by Ontopian Murray Woodman.

Topic map information by the two of the editors of ISO 13250, Steven R. Newcomb and Michel Biezunski.

A collaboratively edited web site about topic maps.

Much interesting work on standardizing topic map ontologies and subject indicators is happening within OASIS. This site lists the relevant technical committees.

A shot of the hard stuff from Ontopian Kal Ahmed.

Cogitech: Cogito ergo XML
Topic map presentations and tools from Nikita Ogievetsky.

Home of Eric Freese's SemanText, "a prototype application developed to demonstrate how the topic map standard ... can be used to represent semantic networks."

Bond University, Australia
Includes an XTM tutorial.

InfoLoom, Inc.
A collection of articles, FAQs, and other information about topic maps, collected by InfoLoom.