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This page contains pointers to the topic map specifications. Other pages provide links to introductory material, to papers exploring various aspects of topic maps, and to news from the topic map community.


ISO/IEC 13250:2002 Topic Maps
The final and definitive text of the ISO topic map standard. (This is the second edition, which includes the XTM 1.0 DTD as well as some minor corrections.)

XML Topic Maps (XTM) 1.0
The XTM specification developed by TopicMaps.Org.

The new ISO 13250
Page about the work to create a new topic map standard with links to the latest drafts of the different parts of the new standard.

Technology notes

Linear Topic Map Notation (LTM), Lars Marius Garshol, May 2002
A proposal for a compact textual format for topic maps, useful for writing topic maps in text editors, for examples in emails and presentations, and for topic map creation demos. See also the LTM home page.

tolog - a tutorial, Lars Marius Garshol, March 2002
A tutorial to the tolog query language developed by Ontopia and implemented in the OKS. tolog is a mix of Prolog and SQL, and supports logic inferencing and much more.

Ontopia Schema Language, Lars Marius Garshol, March 2002
A tutorial to the Ontopia Schema Language (OSL) defined by Ontopia, and implemented in the OKS. OSL lets detailed constraints be defined for topic map data, including the structure of assocations, what roles a topic of a given type must play, how many occurrences of a given type in a given scope are allowed, and so on.

RTM: An RDF-to-TM mapping vocabulary, Lars Marius Garshol, December 2003
Specification of an RDF vocabulary that allows RDF vocabularies to be mapped to topic maps.

XTM Fragment Interchange, Lars Marius Garshol, September 2002
Specification of a way to generate a valid XTM document that contains all information about a single topic, in such a way that multiple fragments can be retrieved from a single topic map and correctly merged together.

Canonical XTM, Lars Marius Garshol, June 2001
A proposal for a canonical format for XML topic maps suitable for regression and interoperability testing of topic map processors.

The Ontopia XTM Comments, Steve Pepper, September 2000
Ontopia's comments on an early draft of the XTM 1.0 syntax. Made available here since it is of historical interest.