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    • Should the DM have a conformance section of its own? If so, what does it mean to conform to the DM?
  • Opinion
    • I agree that this is not a strong form of "conformance" and that TM?L will be a much stronger vehicle to do that. - Scope: Robert Barta
    • So, I really do think that conformance to the SAM (or TMM) makes not much sense at all, it is entirely a matter of API/Query languge conformance. - Scope: Jan Algermissen
    • Unless/until there is a common API, I think SAM conformance in terms of an API are pretty meaningless. What is not meaningless though are the operations that the SAM requires a topic map processor to perform and validation that a processor does indeed perform those operations is probably best done not by inspection but by testing the application against a conformance test suite. So SAM + CXTM + conformance test suite is needed to prove the level of conformance which I as a user would expect from an application, and to which I as a developer would build my topic map processing software. - Scope: Kal Ahmed

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