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Robert Barta

Type(s): Person

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  • I would prefer if TM processing does NOT do too much link magic. If we keep it orthogonal then the standard has some freedom later. (xtm-href-xpointer)
  • No magic here please. This is NOT about hyperlinks, btw. (xtm-xlink-actuate)
  • The part about the it necessary here? Looks more as an abstract introduction into TMs. (term-subject-def)
  • 1.1 ? But if so, then there we need a backward compatibility chapter (and maybe an XSLT sheet). (xtm-version)
  • No. xml:base is an ugly cludge which is mostly used to hide design flaws. If someone needs it he can create submaps. I could live with it on the toplevel, but that's about it. :-) (xtm-xmlbase-everywhere)
  • No, raise error. This is XML, anyway, so strictness is ok. (xtm-href-whitespace)
  • I agree that this is not a strong form of "conformance" and that TM?L will be a much stronger vehicle to do that. (sam-conformance)
  • I like URIs a lot. Yes. (xtm-schema-uri)
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