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Title Description Activate Group(s): topic topicmap
Add Add new content to the topic map using LTM syntax.
Customize Customize the look of the Omnigator.
Dictionary Online Dictionary Database Query (
Edit Edit this topic map with Ontopoly.
Export Export this topic map.
Feedback Give Ontopia feedback on the Omnigator.
Filter Configure a context filter for this topic map.
Full-text Full-text search of the topic map resources.
Google it! Searches for the current topic with Google
Hello Receive a greeting.
Merge Merge another topic map into this one.
Plug-ins Manage the plug-ins available to the Omnigator.
Query Query Interface for topic maps.
RDF2TM Configure the RDF-to-topic map mapping.
Statistics Get an overview of the statistics of the topic map.
The Ontopia home page A link to
Topic map link Link to the current topic map page.
Validate Validate the topic map against a schema.
Vizigate Shows a graphical view of the topic map.