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Title Description Activate Group(s): topic topicmap
Add Add new content to the topic map using LTM syntax.
Customize Customize the look of the Omnigator.
Dictionary Online Dictionary Database Query (dict.org).
Edit Edit this topic map with Ontopoly.
Export Export this topic map.
Feedback Give Ontopia feedback on the Omnigator.
Filter Configure a context filter for this topic map.
Full-text Full-text search of the topic map resources.
Google it! Searches for the current topic with Google
Hello Receive a greeting.
Merge Merge another topic map into this one.
Plug-ins Manage the plug-ins available to the Omnigator.
Query Query Interface for topic maps.
RDF2TM Configure the RDF-to-topic map mapping.
Statistics Get an overview of the statistics of the topic map.
The Ontopia home page A link to www.ontopia.net
Topic map link Link to the current topic map page.
Validate Validate the topic map against a schema.
Vizigate Shows a graphical view of the topic map.