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Base Name Context
Select the base name themes you are interested in.
axis: Code type
 ISO 639-2:1996 Alpha-3 language code (bibliographic)
 ISO 639-2:1996 Alpha-3 language code (terminological)
 ISO 639:1988 language code
axis: Language
axis: Name form
 Normal form
axis: Name type
 Alternative name
 Former name
 Full name
 Nom de guerre
 Nom de plume
 Original name
 Present name
 Real name
 Short name
axis: Writer
 Andersen, Hans Christian

Variant Name Context
Select the variant name themes you are interested in.
axis: [unspecified]
axis: Art form
axis: Composer
 Leoncavallo, Ruggero
 Puccini, Giacomo
axis: Language
axis: Librettist
 d'Annunzio, Gabriele
axis: Name form
 Normal form
 Plural name
axis: Name type
 Alternative name
 Nom de plume
 Short name
axis: Opera
axis: Playwright
 d'Annunzio, Gabriele

Association Context
Select the association themes you are interested in.
axis: Opera
 La Bohème (Leoncavallo)
 La Bohème (Puccini)

Occurrence Context
Select the occurrence themes you are interested in.
axis: Language
axis: Network location
axis: Publication
 Store Norske Leksikon
axis: Publisher
 Arizona Opera
 Centro studi Giacomo Puccini
 Land of Verdi
 Lyle K. Neff
 Mark D. Lew
 Opera Glass
 Opera News
 Opera Web
 Opera-l synopsis project
axis: Status
 Not performed
axis: Theatre
 Arena di Verona
 Politeama Ciscutti
 Teatro Comunale di Trieste