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Type(s): Issue

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  • Description
    • According to XTM 1.0 the default occurrence type is the "occurrence" published subject. Should this standard follow its lead? If so, what does it mean?
  • Opinion
    • ISO 13250 does not recognize the "occurrence" default type introduced for XTM. If this is imposed on the standard, then a means of clearly distinguishing default types from user-defined types needs to be added to the model so that imposed subjects specific to the management of the model can be distinguished from the subjects that the author specified as part of the Topic Map. - Scope: Martin Bryan
    • Occurrences with no type should have an undefined relationship instead. What practical purpose does this default type serve? - Scope: Geir Ove Grønmo
  • Resolution
    • This default type is not considered to be of any practical utility, and it is therefore not retained in the SAM. Applications that wish to use these published subjects may still do so.

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