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  • Description
    • ISO 13250:2000 does not restrict display/sort names to a single base name, by design. Is it acceptable for SAM to do so?
  • Opinion
    • The requirement that variant names be associated with specific base names is incorrect. A topic with more than one base name would have to repeat the variants associated with that base name for each base name. (This was a deliberate design feature of ISO 13250 as it was realised that the same symbol could be used for a topic which had been assigned multiple base names, either as synonyms or as language-specific versions.) - Scope: Martin Bryan
  • Resolution
    • The base name/variant name model is an improvement on the HyTM model, and that in the case of HyTM topname elements containing multiple basename elements multiple topic names should be created, each repeating the display and sort names of the topname.

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