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Type(s): Issue

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  • Description
    • This definition of scope is different from that of XTM 1.0 and ISO 13250:2000, in that it explicitly says topic characteristic assignments are valid for each of the subjects in its scope individually. Is that acceptable?
  • Opinion
    • I believe unwarranted merging would occur when using the TNC if it weren't "All-themes," and that therefore scope should be defined as made up of all themes. - Scope: Murray Altheim
    • I would tend to the any-subject view for backward compatibility if there is a reasonable way around the problems with the set of all topics (or similar contructs). - Scope: Marc de Graauw
    • My feeling is that the SAM should only concern itself with those rules for scope that are required to make the SAM internally consistent and to allow the application of rules such as name-based merging and duplicate identification. As far as I can see, there is a need to express a rule for equivalence of scope sets and that is it. - Scope: Kal Ahmed

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