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Type(s): Issue

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  • Description
    • ISO 13250 states that subject identity may be "inferred from the topic's characteristics." Does SAM need words to the same effect?
  • Opinion
    • ISO 13250 deliberately allows subject identity to be "inferred from the topic's characteristics." SAM does not seem to allow for this. - Scope: Martin Bryan
    • no. a topic that just is, just is. We have already stated earlier that topics have identity within the tm processor independent of any properties. Even subjinds. - Scope: Graham Moore
  • Resolution
    • Remove the following from section 3.4: 'Applications and users are therefore free to merge topics as they see fit. Most commonly this will be done by inferring the subject of the topics from their characteristics.' In section 1, explain that the standard is about interchange only, and does not constrain what changes may be made to topic maps after they have been deserialized.

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