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Type(s): Issue

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  • Description
    • Should it be possible to create topics that represent strings, and for it to be formally clear that these topics do represent particular strings? If so, how?
  • Opinion
    • I think TM needs the concept of a literal. If a topic is a string it has to be the concept of a particular string and not an individual instance. If people represent the concept '1' or 'gra' as a topic thats up to them. But for it to be useful i think they need to be able to have a topic or probably a literal that is a particular instance of the concept. - Scope: Graham Moore
    • It should be possible to create topics that represent strings. I might want to create a topic that refers to all occurrences of the string XML - Scope: Martin Bryan
  • Resolution
    • Do not add any additional features to support this.

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