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  • Description
    • Should topic map items have a [schema] property that may contain their schema definition(s)? This would make it clear where to find the topic map schema. On the other hand, the TMCL specification should perhaps have its own rules for specifying how to find the schema of a topic map. It may be better to keep the levels strictly apart.
  • Opinion
    • Given the possible multiple types of schema/DTD for Topic Maps based on ISO 13250 architectural forms, SAM should record the source of this information. - Scope: Martin Bryan
    • I think that the SAM should be concerned only with the information model for topic maps. Any adjuncts to handle topic map schema should be built on top of the SAM. Presumably it should then also be a goal for TMCL and other extension specifications to ensure that any additional information items are available as computed properties from basic SAM properties. - Scope: Kal Ahmed
    • Locating the schema information should be kept separate from the SAM, and TMCL should be responsible for linking constraints to the topic map. - Scope: Graham Moore
  • Resolution
    • A [prop-schema] property on the topic map item is not needed, nor any similar properties on the topic map items that might be constrained by a schema.

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