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  • Append ';SelectMethod=cursor' to the connection string in the properties file to make the RDBMS server use the 'cursor' select method. (Not using 'cursor' select method)
  • Edit setclasspath.bat to remove the tests for jdb.exe and javac.exe or install the full JDK. (Bug in setclasspath.bat)
  • Install the Sun JVM. (Using the Microsoft JVM)
  • Make sure the 'xmlns' attribute on the <topicMap> element is set to the correct XTM 1.0 namespace URI, which is (Incorrect namespace in document)
  • Move parts of the page out into framework functions, or switch to a better application server. (JSP page is too big)
  • Remove all *.jnilib files, use JDK 1.4, or switch to the Jikes compiler. (javac can't load MacOS binaries)
  • Remove the quotes around line 21 in startup.bat and run the script again. (Quotes in Windows 98/ME shell)
  • Run the command "chmod 755 $OKS_DIR/jakarta-tomcat/bin/*.sh" (*.sh scripts not executable)
  • Set the variable to point to the directory where Java is installed, but not to the "bin" directory inside the root directory. Make sure you point to the root directory. (JAVA_HOME set incorrectly)
  • Set up to run with PJA and "headless AWT". If you are using unix with the Sun JDK 1.4, it can run in the headless environment, but you still must have X libraries installed. Use the following system property on startup to enable headless support: java.awt.headless=true (No X server running)
  • Stop the other Tomcat, then start the one that came with the Omnigator installer. (Using wrong Tomcat)
  • Switch to using the full Java JDK (Using JRE instead of JDK)
  • The "-jar" argument has been left out. The correct command-line is: "java -jar oks-navigator-trial.jar". (Wrong command-line arguments)
  • The problem is a bug in the Java version. Upgrade to another JDK version, but not 1.4.1, which also has this bug. (JVM bug)
  • The problem is that in the RDBMS backend property file the setting for net.ontopia.topicmaps.impl.rdbms.HighLowKeyGenerator.SelectSuffix is incorrect, causing the RDBMS backend to generate syntactically incorrect SQL. The value should be the suffix added to a SQL select statement to make it lock a table for update. On Oracle this would be 'for update'. (Incorrect select suffix setting)
  • Upgrade to version 8.0 or later. (WinZip bug)
  • You are behind a firewall and use a proxy for browsing the internet. Java is trying to download a remote topic map, but since it doesn't use the proxy, it fails. Set the http.proxyHost Java property to make Java use your proxy. (Behind firewall, using proxy)
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