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  • JDK 1.4.1_03 to 1.4.2-beta has a bug (4814720) that makes it attempt to read a Java property when parsing XML, which crashes in applets. The solution is to upgrade to a higher Java version. (Java bug 4814720)
  • Links to files on the local disk from the topic map have no effect when clicked in the Omnigator, but work when copied and pasted into the URL bar. Newer browsers disallow this for security reasons, but many allow the security restriction to be turned off. (Links to local files don't work)
  • Some reasons of Jing and Xerces appear to conflict for reasons unknown. (Jing/Xerces conflict)
  • The DBCP connection pooling tool will often swallow JDBC errors, and only report that it cannot make any connections for the pool. The solution is to edit the database properties file, and set net.ontopia.topicmaps.impl.rdbms.ConnectionPool=false The real error will then become visible. (DBCP hides the real error)
  • The Microsoft JVM supports only JDK 1.1, and this does not include Swing, which is required by the Vizlet. (Using the Microsoft JVM)
  • The Xerces parser complains about undeclared namespace prefixes, and cannot be made to stop. In some situations parsing will still succeed, and in others it will not. (Using Xerces XML parser)
  • This happens with the free download of the Omnigator on Linux and MacOS X because the installer does not set the permissions of the *.sh scripts to executable. (*.sh scripts not executable)
  • This topic map describes common problems with the OKS, especially the Omnigator, and can be used by users to resolve problems with their installations. (OKS Support KB)
  • To do this, edit the tm-sources.xml property to set the 'validation' property on all XTM sources to 'false'. This will mean that Jing isn't used for validation any more, and no XTM validation will happen. (Turn off XTM validation)
  • To do this, set the org.xml.sax.driver Java system property to org.apache.crimson.parser.XMLReaderImpl, and make sure crimson.jar is on the CLASSPATH. It is OK if other XML parsers are also on the CLASSPATH. This will make the OKS prefer Crimson. Sometimes this will cause other XML-dependent packages to fail, and in these cases net.ontopia.xml.sax.driver can be set instead, since only OKS will use this property. (Make OKS use the Crimson XML parser)
  • Tomcat puts all files in /System/Library/Java/Extensions/ on the classpath, and javac then tries to load them as .jar files and fails when some of them turn out to be native binaries. (javac can't load MacOS binaries)
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