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Issue with TMRM

The question of how inferred information shows up in the mapping, and how this affects querying, is very complex and needs to be considered more thoroughly. One wants to query with and without inferred information, and the difficulty is to see exactly what is needed, and how to achieve this.

For example, given the following CTM topic map:

  a isa b .
  b ako c .
This implies a third association (a isa c) which is not actually present in the topic map. It's clear that a TMQL query for all topics of type c should return a. What is not clear is whether a TMQL query counting the associations a has should return 1 (a isa b) or 2 (a isa b, a isa c)?

Some requirements have been identified:

One possibility, discussed in Leipzig, is to use the import declaration in TMQL to import one of two environments (with or without inferencing). The environment with inferencing must be the default.

The next step is to identify a more complete set of requirements, and to write a strawman proposal.

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