About this site

The purpose of this web site is to demonstrate the use of topic maps to drive web portals. The application is being built using the Ontopia Knowledge Suite and the Ontopia Navigator Framework. It is not yet finished and is therefore not publicly available, so please do not publicise the URLs.

The web site contains no static HTML pages. Instead, every page (including all the links it contains) is generated on the fly, based on information contained in the underlying topic map. The topic map used for this demo is the Italian Opera topic map that is distributed with Ontopia's free topic map browser, the Omnigator. This topic map (opera.ltm) can also be browsed in the online version of the Omnigator.

The chief difference between the present application and the Omnigator is that the latter is a generic topic map browser, whereas this one is specific to the Italian Opera topic map:

The Omnigator is designed to be "omnivorous" and to "make reasonable sense out of any reasonably sensible topic map"! It therefore cannot be optimised for any particular topic map ontology: It has to essentially treat all topics equally. This makes the Omnigator very useful as a general purpose topic map browser, and especially as a teaching aid, but it places severe restrictions on the kind of interface that can be devised and consequently on its "user-friendliness".

This OperaMap Application, on the other hand, is built around a known ontology - that of the Italian Opera topic map - and can therefore make assumptions that cannot be made by a generic application. Some of these will be described and documented on the About page when the application has been completed.

Random Opera

Madama Butterfly

Composed by Giacomo Puccini to a libretto by Giuseppe Giacosa and Luigi Illica, and first performed on 1904-02-17 at Teatro alla Scala

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