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Type(s): Pokemon

Hierarchy (Evolves From)

Internal Occurrences (5)

  • Description
    • Bulbasaur is a strong, manageable Pokemon for beginner trainers. No one's sure whether bulbasaur and its evolutions are plant or animal. The seem to have the chacteristics of both. A strange bulb was planted on its back at birth. As Bulbasaur grows, the bulb becomes a large, leafy plant. Bulbasaur is in better shape than the other starting Pokemon, charmander and squirtle, so it is harder to defeat and capture.
  • Height
    • 2'4"
  • Pokedex Entry
    • A strange seed was planted on its back at birth. The plant grows and sprouts with this Pok√©mon. - Scope: Red/Blue Version
  • Pokemon Type
    • Seed
  • Weight (lbs)
    • 15
Object id: 114
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