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  • Homepage
    • http://www.bouvet.no
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    • bouvet-logo.png
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    • <P>Bouvet is a Norwegian consulting house with broad experience in the use of Topic Maps in many usage areas and on many platforms. It also employs two of the original Ontopia developers. </P><P>Bouvet offers the following services around Ontopia:<BR></P><UL><LI>Solution development. Bouvet has built a number of Ontopia-based solutions for a wide range of customers.</LI><LI>Advisory consulting. Bouvet is used as advisory consultants on semantic technologies and Topic Maps by a number of customers. </LI><LI>Support. Bouvet offers support on Ontopia-based solutions. </LI><LI>Custom software development. Bouvet can develop new features and modules in the Ontopia software on request.<BR></LI></UL>
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