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A CIA World Factbook Topic Map

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    • $Date: 2005/11/20 15:02:24 $
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    • A Topic Map of Geographical Data based on the CIA World Factbook. This is an example topic map generated through a quick Python hack from data in HTML format that was "harvested" from the CIA World Factbook web site back in 1999. It is offered as a simple example of a topic map that conforms to a HyTM DTD (as opposed to the XTM DTD). Note that PSIs have been fabricated based on the codes used by the CIA to identify countries. A mapping from these codes to ISO 3166 2-letter codes is to be found in countrymaps.xtm, also available from Ontopia. (Certain countries now have PSIs based on ISO 3166, not the CIA codes. One day Steve will get around to doing this for all the countries.)
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    • Copyright (c) 1999-2005 Ontopia
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