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Wartburg 2005-08-13

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    • Sylvia and I stopped off in Eisenach on our way to Müncherlbach and were lucky enough to get last minute tickets for this concert at the Wartburg, the famous castle where Luther did his bible translation, and also the scene of the medieval Minstrels' Contest immortalized by Wagner in Tannhäuser. One of the contestants in that contest was Wolfram von Eschenbach, who became something of a leitmotif at our wedding a week later. We got there early and had plenty of time to look around and eat a hearty Thuringian dinner. The concert was held in the magnificently decorated Festsaal on the second floor. Of the music it was the Schubert that appealed most to me (not unexpectedly), but the whole concert was very pleasant.
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    • 2005-08-13
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