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Freiakonsert 2007-05-31

Type(s): Concert

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    • The Freiasalen is actually the workers' canteen at the Freia chocolate factory at Rodeløkka in Oslo. It boasts a large mural consisting of twelve paintings by Edvard Munch which one doesn't get to see very often. That was one reason for choosing this concert; another (for me) was the Italian Symphony which never fails to put me in a good mood. We went along with our new friend Prof. Ghosh whom I'd met on the steps of the National Library while researching into forgotten Norwegian opera composers. He was visiting Oslo from India to study a unique collection of Santali manuscripts collected by Norwegian missionaries in the early 20th century. Håkon and Karen joined us for the concert, together with a friend of theirs whose name I forget. The piece by Olav Anton Thommessen was rather interesting, and Christian Ihle Hadland played the Mozart exquisitely. During the interval we strolled the walled garden and were introduced to Eileen S. of the Oslo Phil. After the break, the Italian fulfilled all my expectations - and it took great restraint to stop myself from singing along.
  • Date
    • 2007-05-31
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