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Makropoulos Case 2003-03-18

Type(s): Opera performance

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  • Comment
    • I had decided that I wanted to spend my 50th birthday at a performance of a Janáček opera and, as luck would have it, my favourite - Makropoulos - was being performed in Stockholm. So Sylvia and I spent a couple of nights at the romantic Lady Hamilton hotel. On the afternoon of the performance we went to pick up our tickets and overheard a couple of Australians who were trying to get hold of a libretto in English. The box office didn't have one so I told them they could borrow mine and we arranged to meet an hour early at the Café Opera. It turned out that he was a student of that evening's conductor, Leif Segerstam, and she was playing French Horn in some German orchestra. Well, to cut a long story short, we ended up having dinner after the performance with them, and with Leif Segerstam and his ex-wife. All in all a memorable evening. Unfortunately, we lost contact with the Australians. (If you ever read this, please get in touch ;-)
  • Date
    • 2003-03-18
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