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Tapsa’s Concerts

Type(s): Topic map

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  • Creator
    • Tapsa Pippuri
  • Description
    • A topic mapped blog archive of classical music concerts. It was original based on the MyConcerts ontology, which in turn uses the class hierarchy and properties of Kanzaki-san's Music vocabulary (http://www.kanzaki.com/ns/music) but was later migrated to an Ontopedia ontology - not least because Kanzaki's use of hash URIs proved problematic in certain situations. The blog was started in September 2005 in order to test Ontopoly. Earlier entries are reversed engineered from programs and tickets. The topic map now forms the basis of the application at http://psi.ontopedia.net/OKblog.
  • Ontology Version
    • 2.0
  • Version
    • $Id: TapsasConcerts.xtm,v 1.12 2007/01/21 12:59:12 pepper Exp $
Object id: 2910
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