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Carmen 2007-06-17

Type(s): Opera performance

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    • An ouverture played at breakneck speed, a set so naturalistic that we could immediately recognize the old tobacco factory in Seville, a Carmen and Don José neither of whom particularly impressed us: Sylvia and I were quite tired after a morning concert at the Philharmonie, a long walk down Unter den Linden, and a couple of hours at the Pergamon. We found the first act dull and the second only marginally better, and so we left in the second break and had a beer at the hotel before getting an early night. It's only the second time in our career that we've left a performance early (the first was in Chicago), but Sylvia had to work the next day and we needed to conserve our energy for Fidelio. And Carmen really isn't our favourite either.
  • Date
    • 2007-06-17 19:30
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