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Boris Godunov 1997-02-10

Type(s): Opera performance

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  • Comment
    • I've been doing some work for Nokia Networks recently (designing a DTD for their DX documentation) and I've taken to planning my trips to coincide with opera performances. This is the first time I've seen Boris live. I remember watching a TV broadcast many years ago and finding it all a bit stupifying, but that was before I really got into opera. This performance really changed my opinion. I'm not sure what it is about the music, but I feel I could just wallow in it forever. I loved reading the great Russian novelists in my youth and this music is somehow part and parcel of the same affinity. I can't remember if anyone from Nokia joined me at this performance. Actually, I wonder if a cousin of Tuula might not have been singing.
  • Date
    • 1997-02-10
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