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Parkteatret 2007-04-24

Type(s): Recital

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    • It felt almost as if this concert had been programmed for us. We had been to a couple of Håkon Austbø's concerts at Parkteatret last season and liked them so much we would probably have gone along whatever was on the programme. But in addition we had just discovered Messiaen, through two performances of the Turangalîla symphony, again with Håkon Austbø as soloist. Not only that, SRN had recently mentioned how much he liked the Quartet for the End of Time. So this concert was a no-brainer. We did our best to interest some of our friends, but everyone was busy, but we got there early, found good seats with a table, got a couple of bottles of Nøgne Øs bitter and sat back to enjoy a very fine performance consisting of excerpts from Vingts Regards (nos. 16, 17, 11, 13 and 14) and the whole of the End of Time.
  • Date
    • 2007-04-24

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