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Parsifal 2007-08-26

Type(s): Opera performance

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    • This was without a doubt the worst opera experience of my life! Håkon and Karen had managed to get tickets for Bayreuth and invited Sylvia and I along. It was our first time, so we were all really excited; it was also almost exactly two years to the day since our wedding in Wolframs-Eschenbach where the Parzival theme had been very much present, so all in all something to look forward to. Imagine, then, our disappointment when it transpired that an absolute cretin, a person with no appreciation of opera in general, or of Wagner in particular, had been let loose as producer and created what can only be described as a total travesty. His name is Christoph Schlingensief; he is apparently a "star" in Germany, but you can take it from me that he has absolutely nothing to say that is worth listening to. I will not sully this blog with the details; interested parties are referred to the "review by Alex Ross":http://www.therestisnoise.com/2004/08/emparsifalem_at.html, music critic of The New Yorker. Instead I will look on the bright side: it was an experience, after all - perhaps even something to laugh about in years to come - and the rest of the trip had been very pleasant. We had stayed a couple of nights with Sylvia's parents, visiting Rothenburg ob der Tauber and enjoying the Müncherlbach Kirchweih, and we had a nice meal during the intervals. In fact, the whole weekend was perfect - except for the five hours spent watching Schlingensief's Schweinerei.
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    • 2007-08-26

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