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Oslo Chamber Music Festival 2008-08-23 (1)

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    • This was a nice concert in an unusual location. We were expecting three second quartets but for some reason the program was changed and we got a third, a first and a second (in that order). I was fine with that - and very relieved that the Janáček hadn't been taken off. It was the first time I'd heard anything by Haas, although I had heard of him, having discovered Gideon Klein just a few months previously. Haas was a pupil of Janáček, but his style bears no immediate resemblance (unfortunately). The Prokofiev was also unknown to me (despite the recording I inherited from Dad). "Intimate Letters", on the other hand, is a piece I know backwards and the young Czech quartet's thrilling performance was capped by the cellist breaking a string just before the final climax.
  • Date
    • 2008-08-23
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