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Type(s): Occurrence type

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  • Description
    • A note that helps to clarify the meaning of a concept.

Occurrences of this Type (4)

  • Included for compatibility with Kanzaki's ontology. (Artist)
  • Included for compatibility with Kanzaki's ontology. (Musical group)
  • Kanzaki uses ev:location (http://ebiquity.umbc.edu/v2.1/ontology/event.owl#location) as the property connecting a musical event to a venue. This is a supertype of the property used in this topic map and not a direct equivalent. (Performed at)
  • Naming conventions: Work + date (if the event comprises a single work, e.g. an opera) OR event name (+ date, if required for disambiguation) OR performer name + date (if single performer) OR venue name + date (if multiple performers). Dates should always be in ISO 8601 format. (Musical event)
Object id: 460
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