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Type(s): Occurrence type; Public system topic

Subject Identifiers (2)

Internal Occurrences (1)

Occurrences of this Type (14)

  • A group that performs some work of art, such as a a rock group, string quartet, orchestra, etc. (Group)
  • A relationship between a track and the album to which it belongs. (Belongs to album)
  • A textual description of the topic. (Description)
  • An album of any type of music. (Album)
  • An individual performer of some work of art, such as a singer, pianist, conductor, etc. (Individual Artist)
  • An track on an audio recording. (Track)
  • Casual, informal, or shortened name by which someone or something is known. (Nickname)
  • Individual associated with a group. (Member)
  • Relationship between an individual artist and a group. (Is a Member of)
  • Simple topic map ontology for a music collection. (MyMusic)
  • Superclass describing performer(s) of some work of art. Can be an individual, pop group, orchestra, conductor, etc. (Artist)
  • The creator of the topic. (Creator)
  • The relationship between an album and the artist that created it. (Album created by)
  • The version of the topic. (Version)
Object id: 100
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