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Type(s): Occurrence type; Public system topic

Subject Identifiers (2)

Occurrences of this Type (45)

  • A cellist. (Cellist)
  • A composition for orchestra (and a soloist or soloists, optionally with chorus) (Orchestral Work)
  • A composition for orchestra and a soloist (Concerto)
  • A conductor [Note: Kanzaki also has Conductor as a subclass of Director, but this seems incorrect to me. SP] (Conductor)
  • A date of an event in the lifecycle of a resource (Date)
  • A genre of music composed for performance as part of religious ceremonies (Religious Music)
  • A genre of music composed for performance by a chorus or choir (Choral Music)
  • A genre of music composed for performance by small ensemble (Chamber Music)
  • A group that performs art works (Musical Group)
  • A harp player (Harpist)
  • A large and complex work for symphony orchestra (Symphony)
  • A music composed for instrumental quartet with 2 violins and a viola and a cello [Note: Kanzaki uses the name 'String Quartette'] (String Quartet)
  • A musical composition of several movements only loosely connected (Suite)
  • A musical group which performs large scale symphonic works (Orchestra)
  • A musical work by a composer (Oeuvre)
  • A musical work with drama, song, chorus and orchestral music (Opera)
  • A person (or any agent) who composed art works (Composer)
  • A person or gropu (or any agent) who creates or performs art works (Artist)
  • A piano player. (Pianist)
  • A subsection of a musical work, typically a movement of a symphony, but also a piece of a suite, etc. (Movement)
  • A unit of musical work, e.g. a composition, its movement, phrase, theme, etc. (Musical Unit)
  • A venue for musical performance, e.g. concert hall, opera house, recital hall, etc. (Venue)
  • A violin player (Violinist)
  • An artist who directs a musical group (Director)
  • An artist who performs a musical instrument (Player)
  • An artist who performs, composes or conducts music (Musician)
  • An artist who sings a song (Singer)
  • An event of musical performance by players or singers not involving theatrical staging (Concert)
  • An event of musical performance especially by soloists (Recital)
  • An event of musicial performance by players or singers, including theatrical staging (Musical Event)
  • An event of opera performance (Opera Performance)
  • An ontology for capturing a blog about recently attended concerts of classical music. Uses the class hierarchy and properties of Kanzaki-san's Music vocabulary ( (MyConcerts)
  • An orchestral composition based on a thematic subject (Symphonic Poem)
  • An orchestral music composed for the opening of an opera or oratorio, often played as an independent work in concerts (Overture)
  • The full name of a subject that is usually known by a shorter name (e.g. "Giacomo Puccini" for "Puccini") (Full name)
  • The identifier of a musical composition as assigned by either the composer (e.g. 'op.131') or an editor (e.g. 'KV 551') (Opus)
  • The key of a musical work or movement, e.g. C major, d minor, etc. (Key)
  • The subject artist (or group, machine, etc) performs a musical work. Note: I have made this ternary, by including a role for the musical event. The original ontology (because it is OWL-based) has a binary relationship. If an artist performs throughout the whole musical event, use the Performer association type instead. This indirectly associates the performer with every work on the program. (Performs)
  • The subject musical event has a conductor. If the object agent does not have 'performs' property, the agent is assumed to conduct all programs of the subject musical event. (Conducted by)
  • The subject musical event has a performer (an artist, a group, a machine etc.). If the object agent does not have 'performs' property, the agent is assumed to perform all programs of the subject musical event. (Performer)
  • The subject musical event presents a musical work as its program (Has program)
  • The subject musical work is composed by a person, a group, a software program etc. (Composed by)
  • [Addition] A collection of songs that are intended to be performed as a unit. (Song Cycle)
  • [Addition] A musical work in which voices play the primary role, including songs, choruses, etc. (Vocal Music)
  • [Addition] A song. (Song)
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