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Type(s): Occurrence type

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  • Description
    • A note that helps to clarify the meaning of a concept.

Occurrences of this Type (11)

  • A group of associated structures functioning as a unit used for generating electricity. [USGS Circ 1048] (power generation sites)
  • A large container used for storage. [USGS Circ 1048] (storage structures)
  • A tubular conduit of substantial length, with pumps, valves, and control devices, for conveying fluids, gases, or finely divided solids. [USGS Circ 1048] (pipelines)
  • For constructed bodies of water. For natural water bodies, use 'hydrographic features'. (hydrographic structures)
  • For natural bodies of water. For constructed waterways, reservoirs, and such, use 'hydrographic structures'. (hydrographic features)
  • For smaller, less formally established communities, use 'populated places'. For independent cities, use 'countries, 2nd order divisions. (cities)
  • The topographic expression of subduction; the large linear depression of the oceanic lithosphere at a subduction zone. [Penguin Dict. of Geology, Kearey] (ocean trenches)
  • Use 'reservoirs' for human engineered lakes. (lakes)
  • Use for land areas distinguished from ocean areas as well as general land-based regions without a more specific type designation. (land regions)
  • Use for locations and facilities named for their agricultural purposes of raising crops and livestock. (agricultural sites)
  • Use for sub-regions of oceans and seas. (ocean regions)
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